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General questions
124PRO is a social media marketing platform that is working to make your position more credible and popular in social networking mode! Our cost is much lower than normal comparison, and our service is more than ever! In this competitive market, we offer you the best-quality support!
We think we have at least 10,000+ satisfied customers who do not think to take social media marketing services a second time! Let us tell you about how we will achieve such credibility:
  1. We never ask about your social media's user information and password!
  2. You can get all kind of payment like Major Credit Card, Davit / ATM Card, Visa Card and PayPal!
  3. If we are unable to fulfill your order, then we are ready to refund 100% of your payment!
  4. Our services go through a maintenance process, so be sure that the results of the services offered by you will be long-term!
Buyer Section
In the case of social media marketing, we provide the best service at the most affordable rate, for the past four years we have been successful in successfully completing our own technique! That's why our reputation at the online market place is still unchanged!

The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Credit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB
  • PayPal - PayPal Account, Credit Cards & BillMeLater

  • We keep in mind all types of customer's thoughts, we have kept an offline payment system outside of the online payment system, if you wish, you can take part in the bank payment directly with us. For this, you will need to mail you in order to get an offline payment service and as usual you will contact our team!
    Most of our services are guaranteed 100% money back! Please read our rules for this! If we can not give the right service, or if our services are not satisfied with you, then we guarantee you the money back with the condition!
    Of course! We keep all your privacy safe in all respects! All of our services are 100% optimized and are algorithm friendly. No one will know your security information, unless you tell anyone. Our job is to make your post needs most acceptable and trustworthy in social online platforms - not ruining it! You will not have any information about your third party, all our employees have pledged that all our information is 100% secure here!

    Once you place an order Placement, you start to notice that each separate statement has started, and at what level your order processing will be seen from the following article:

    1. Pending – In this step we accept your order first, then accept your payment.
    2. Processing – When we got the order, our staff started reviewing it! Although our night service is closed, in those cases we take up to 12 hours.
    3. In Progress – We look back at all your things, and check all the order related issues. If everything is okay then your order is sent to our marketing team to start the work!
    4. On Hold – If you get any errors while reviewing your order, we will hold your order immediately, and email it to you immediately.
    5. Complete – When all this is done properly we complete the work of your order, congratulations you!
    6. Failed – If you violate any terms due to our various processes and your order is canceled, then we will definitely contact our support team, we will try to support you.
    7. Refunded – When we start working with your order, if you think that the work is not working properly, you feel free to apply for refund.
    8. Canceled –In the meantime, we cancels your order, completely by completing the refund process!